The Courtauld Gallery


(Top: Asos | Trousers: Topshop | Bag: Asos | Shoes: Boohoo)

Yesterday, I was in London for my university interview regarding the course I picked since my interview was not until 1 pm, I joined my sister at her art gallery visit in the morning. The weather was so bad that morning, it was raining really hard and we forgot to bring an umbrella with us so I had to use newspaper to save my head from being drenched. So me and my sister went to The Courtauld Gallery in Somerset House, Strand, London to check out GOYA's exhibition. I can't really say anything about art since I'm not really an art person, however, I do appreciate it. I was so tired from walking all morning and this staircase was a challenge for me (I'm so unfit!!) The exhibition was right at the top, no pictures taken of the exhibition because it was not allowed. After this, we went to Middlesex University for my interview. How did it go? That would be on my next post.

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