Here is the next post of my previous blog post. My university interview went really well even though I was so nervous but the interviewers were really pleasant and nice so I was able to relax and answer their questions so now I'm just hoping I get in. 

So we went to this new Japanese restaurant not far from the university for very late brunch. My sister and I are such huge fans of Japanese food and their culture. So my sister and I ordered appetisers then mains. We didn’t wait that long for our food so that was good as we were really hungry. The food was amazing, affordable and quantity being big was a bonus too! According to the owner, her chefs worked for West Ends and are Japanese so we had legit Japanese food. The service was really overwhelming too, they are so nice and got smiles on their faces. Jin Sushi is now on my second list of my favorite restaurants where I can eat authentic Japanese food. I can’t wait to go back here again and try their other dishes. The restaurant only just started five weeks ago and their website was launched few days ago. You can check out their website here. If you’re in Hendon, a student in Hendon, a resident in Hendon, loves eating or likes Japanese food well this is the place for you! Go check them out and boy writing this post had me drooling. Thanks for reading! ^____^

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  1. Top quality Jap food and affordable, would go back again...and again! 10 out of 10!