Lunch at Murakami


Murakami Roll
Volcano Roll
Salmon Teriyaki
Spicy Maguro

I have been following Murakami on instagram and facebook for quite some time now and I always wanted to try the place out since I'm a big fan of Japanese food then finally got the chance to and it was so so so goooooood! It's so worth it! Customer service was excellent too and the food is just amazing!

Aside from the food, I love the aesthetic and minimalism of the place with its tableware and interior design. Me and my friend wanted to take the chairs home haha. So let's talk about the food (yum), since it was our first time there - our waiter was so kind enough to suggest what we can order from the menu. Thank you so much for helping us out and for your excellent customer service.

For starters, we had Murakami roll and Volcano roll. Murakami roll contains salmon sashimi, tuna, yellowtail, avocado, spring onion, tobiko, spicy mayo - commonly sushi's are wrapped in seaweed sheets but this one is wrapped in cucumber sheets as you can see in the photo. Volcano roll is deep fried in tempura with salmon, tuna, yellowtail, tobiko, avocado and spring onion - sushis are topped on each other like a volcano hence the name I guess and when you eat it, the taste explodes in your mouth like lava flowing down the volcano. It's so hard to explain how it really tasted but for me it tasted like that, exploding in my mouth every bite I take.

For mains, Salmon Teriyaki for my friend and Spicy Maguro for me but of course we had rice. Salmon Teriyaki is obviously salmon, grilled with teriyaki sauce and Spicy Maguro is grilled tuna with spicy teriyaki sauce. Both are so tasty but next time I would like to try the Wagyu beef (drools) and their desserts!. I didn't realise that we mainly ate a lot of fish that day haha until I wrote this post. I hope you enjoyed that and sorry for making you hungry haha. Let me know if you went to the place and what you ate! But I suggest Murakami and Volcano roll, definitely!


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