BARCELONA: Montjuïc + Olympic Park + Barcelona Sunset


The Four Columns
View from Montjuïc
Olympic Park

Hello again! Another post from my Barcelona trip, however, this is my last post from my Barcelona adventure. I hope you enjoyed the rest of it and I would appreciate it if you could make suggestions or recommend me places to eat or things to do when I go back again in Spain on my instagram, twitter, snapchat or even here!

Last day in Barcelona, as most people who enjoys their time spent exploring a different country, I'm sure we all feel the same. I didn't want to go back to reality at the same time I have to and I need to. There will always be a conflict in our feelings but that's why we travel to leave reality behind and live in the moment as well as appreciate life and enjoy it.

On my last day in Barcelona, my friends and I went to Montjuïc in the morning. Although it was on top of the hill, it wasn't hard climbing up as they have provided escalators and they also have stairs so if you want to make it hard for yourself use the stairs haha. When we reached the top, you can almost see the whole of Barcelona it was breathtaking and overwhelming. I sat there inhaling the view for at least 30mins and reflected on my life too haha. After that, we went to the Olympic Park which was just behind the museum. That day there was an event too and I guessed it was comic con so it was pretty crowded but it wasn't so bad. We were also able to enter in the stadium because there was a family event so it was free entry, we got it lucky that day because on a normal day you can't really go in. In the afternoon, we headed to Port Barcelona and along the way we also saw Columbus' monument. We explored the market too and I bought this pretty small jewellery box suitable for my rings and bracelet. We walked around the port, sat down, inhaled the view and then it got late so we were able to watch the sunset and that was the best highlight of our day. Next day, we had to go back to gloomy cold UK haha. I really enjoyed my stay in Spain, the weather was perfect, full of history, people are lovely and such a beautiful place that I left a piece of my heart.

See you again xx

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