DAY 1: To my fifteen year old self


Hello to my fifteen year old self,

How are you doing? You're probably struggling a little at the moment since you only moved to England from the Philippines. You will probably find it difficult at first to adapt not with the language but perhaps with the culture and the environment - especially the constant change of weather. You will also face many hardships whilst living in England but don't worry you will overcome it all and you will do just fine. Study hard as you will need it in the future but you are smart and whatever you do enjoy your life. All I can say is, your future is bright and you don't have to worry much about it apart from your studies. I can't really say much about everything from this future but I assure you, you're doing very well.

From your twenty-six years old self.

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  1. We had pretty much the same situation back then. Well, we're doing ok now, aren't we? xx

  2. reading this makes me want to do the two weeks open letter challenge too ^^