DAY 2: To my bestfriend


Finally able to continue the letter challenge, I got very ill to the point of unable to get out of bed and I couldn't eat too. If I did eat I would feel sick afterwards and I struggled to sleep too because my nose was so blocked breathing through my mouth was difficult too but anyway here it goes.

To my bestfriend or shall I say to my bestfriends,

They probably know how much I am grateful for all of them or they probably don't. But I am so grateful to my handful of friends who I have known for such a long time since my teenage years. Through my success and failures, they were all still there. Through my heartbreak, through difficult times they were all there for me. They are basically my family. Even though some of them I don't see very often now due to our adulting life and the long distance relationship, we are still connected and when we talk it's like there was no time apart. They know me more than I know myself. When I've lost my confidence or I'm indecisive in life, they will be there to lift me up and put me back up on my feet again. For this, all I can return is the same thing they give to me, loyalty, love, trust and respect. To all my bestfriends, I look forward to 10, 20, 30 and so on years of our friendship. I love you all very much.

Love your bitch of a bestfriend who's forever honest and loyal to you all guys xx

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