BARCELONA: Park Güell + Sagrada Família


Entrance of the main park
Nature Square
The Hypostyle Room featuring Gaudi's Tiled Mosaics on the ceiling
Monumental Flight of Steps
Sagrada Família

Hello again! I told you I'll be back again. Here is another post of my Barcelona trip. After walking through the street of Passeig de Gràcia and admiring the modern inspired buildings, me and along with my friends headed to Park Güell afterwards and spent most of our afternoon. I had a lot of fun admiring the details of the park as well as living into the moment of treasuring every bit of my experience. With my friend's knowledge of her home town, I was also able to learn about the history of the park. What I loved the most about during my visit to the park was ceramic tiled mosaics of Gaudí. They are so beautiful I felt like ripping them and taking them home with me but unfortunately, I could only appreciate them and take photos haha.

You might be wondering whether do I eat? Of course, I get hungry and when I am hungry I go crazy or go really quiet. So after Park Güell, we went to see Sagrada Família briefly. We ate at a nearby restaurant - a buffet restaurant, yup as soon as I got there I think you know what happened already haha. No time for pictures as filling in the stomach everything they have is most important at that moment. They served salads, pasta, paella, Spanish food, desserts, fruits, bread, wide range of drinks and they also served coffee. The food was amazing and I am not telling you how many times I went back haha.

Sagrada Família as you know is also one of Gaudí's work and I will come back again to explore it more. It was still under construction when I saw it and my friend said, it will always be under construction and it will be hard to finish due to the complexity of Gaudí's design. Therefore, Sagrada Família is an unfinished work of Gaudí. So I have pretty much seen most of his work, if I have missed some, any recommendations? I would love to see them too. I hope you enjoyed that and apologies if it was such a long post but this visit was such a memorable trip for me as both of these places are on my bucket lists. See you again on my next post!

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